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Your Mate is a modern trade union that represents all workers in all private companies.


Our members who work in every type of job imaginable across private companies. Our members work in full-time jobs, part-time jobs or are working while they study.


Our job is very simple: to get the best deal possible for you. The means being on your side if there is a problem, and always fighting for you when it comes to:


  • Pay, terms and conditions

  • Making sure you are safe and treated with dignity

  • Protecting your legal rights at work 

When you’re a member of Your Mate, you’re part of a family that will always stand up for you. We have highly trained staff and activists who understand exactly what rights you have and what employers are allowed to do.


We train our people in employment law, health and safety and how to represent people in disciplinary processes so that whenever there is a problem, someone has your back. We can also help you recruit local members and negotiate pay and conditions with your employer from a position of strength.


When you’re at work, it’s always good to know that someone is on your side - that’s our job.

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